Teach English in Hope English Medium Christian school in India

Hope English Medium School is a small, well organised school in the town of Madanapalle, not far from Chennai in the south of India. As a project of the Rayalseema Diocese of the Church of South India, the school aims to educate underpriviledged children of the town. Anyone with teaching experience is welcome, either singles or couples. For the preferred three month period, the cost would be approximately £2500, which includes air travel, insurance, visa, food and accommodation and a donation to Christians Abroad towards administrative costs.

The Chairman of the management committee, Wing Commander Raju Asirvadam, writes:“The aim of the project is to give an education, in English, to under privileged children. Most of them are first generation learners. Volunteers would be expected to interact with primary school children and in the process, the children would learn English from them.

The volunteers would also be expected to take some classes in English at the primary level. This is a Christian School and hence it would behighly desirable for volunteers to share our faith. We have adequate accommodation with modern facilities. We provide normal Indian cuisine with a non-vegetarian dish at dinner time. There are many places of interest in the surrounding area for weekend visits.”

Comfortable, well-equipped accommodation and meals are provided. Scudder Memorial Hospital, established by the Reformed Church in American is nearby and capable of providing medical services.
Linn Gann, President of Mission Partners India, based in the USA, works closely with the board of HEMS to develop it goals. She is an ordained minister of the Church of South India and spends six months each year working with Hope English medium School.

The Reformed Church, (RCA) has worked in this part of India since 1819, and as a RCA missionary, Linn Gann working through MPI has provided a ray of hope for both the students and staff at HEMS.  She believes HEMS is worthy of your participation and concern.

A volunteer worked with the school in the summer of 2012. She writes: “I was asked to help improve the quality of teaching at the school and teach songs. We helped improve the teachers’ English, too.”